The Best Dessert of My LIFE.

So in my #24in48 wrap-up post, I made a mention of how I went to Disney over that weekend, which seriously skewed my ability and time to read the whole 24 hours. Now, Florida has already had a few schools in the panhandle shut down because of the flu and just this morning (of the day I’m writing this), I learned they’re considering it to become an epidemic. Will it? I don’t know, but with the spread, we had thought it wise to stick to Disney Springs (dang it I called it Downtown again sorry) and avoid the potential miasma of germs the parks might have offered.

BUT! The main reason we were there was for Bluezoo, Todd English’s restaurant, as a sort of birthday dinner for all four of us. (We have birthdays all around the place, but we rarely celebrate them, so we decided this was the excuse to go to a hella nice restaurant.)

I was so worth it. Seafood is my favorite type of cuisine, so I was down and out the moment it was suggested. I couldn’t protest if I tried.

I didn’t get any pictures of my actual meal because I’m not a smart blogger and was ravenous by the time the food came out, but I DID get one of the dessert, and, oh man, the dessert.

(For information’s sake, though, I had the blackened grouper and also ate off of my family’s dishes because that’s just how we consume our meals. It was really good, and the mac and cheese is unlike any other mac and cheese I’ve ever tasted. But, onto the dessert.)


So this is a hazelnut honey type of thing, with a bunch of things I couldn’t explain if I tried, because man am I not a connoisseur. I just like to eat. What I do know is it was fantastic, and I’m already craving it again. The mouse on the end there was earl grey with honey striped through it and it was possibly the best thing ever. The other parts were fantastic, but that mouse? I will dream about it, I just know it. Totally and completely worth the price tag (of about $14, which honestly? not that bad for Disney when you consider literally everything is super overpriced) and I wish I had a way to get it again without driving all the way back to Orlando.

Just. Ugh. So good.

(We also dressed up because we don’t get to do that too often and the restaurant was the kind where you could get away with some fancy wear, though most people weren’t dressed up.)


(I just really wanted to wear this dress. I love the sleeves.)

And that was my rambling about a fantastic dessert! Thanks for reading 😀


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