Lush Haul + First Impressions (the first year I actually was on time for their Valentine’s stuff!)

Okay I know that title is unnecessarily long but this is my blog and we do how I do and I… don’t usually do long titles, I’m just writing this at two in the morning and couldn’t think of a clever way to differentiate this one from the other Lush haul posts I’ve done.

Future me, don’t write these posts at such hours!

(Future me won’t listen, I can already tell you that much.)

So, the haul! I got quite a lot of goodies I have never tried this time. I didn’t get a whole lot compared to some people who haul Lush things, because ya girl here makes minimum wage, but I only get to go maybe three times a year if I push it, so I nabbed what I really wanted even if their stuff is pricey.

One thing I picked up that I had never tried before was a jelly bomb (actually, I got two of these, because I didn’t realize they were both jelly bombs… I shop by scent, not description!), and it’s one of the products that I actually tried before writing this since I hadn’t used one before and couldn’t give an opinion on it.


So here we’ve got:

Secret Arts: This is the jelly bomb I’ve tried already, and I have to say I’ve fallen madly in love with them. This one was nice and spicy-scented, which was a change from the usual fruitier route I take when buying things, and the water looked so cool when it was done dissolving. I was worried about the jelly part and how it would affect my tub and skin, but my skin was fine (I even ended up rubbing the jelly over my legs, and it made them feel so nice) and the jelly went down the drain easily. I just had to rinse the tub a little more than I usually did, which was to be expected.

Pink: I’ve had this one before! I picked it up again because I love the scent and all the glitter in it. (The glitter amount is always the thing that gets me. It’s the reason Frozen is my favorite bath bomb ever.) This one’s definitely more of a candy scent than any of the others, but it’s not as strong of a candy scent as their bath oil, Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment.

Green Coconut: The other jelly bomb I picked up, and the one I knew was a jelly bomb, unlike Secret Arts. Again, picked it up for the scent, which is Florida and coconut, but I’m excited to see what it does when it hits the water.


Heart of Enlightenment: Both of these bubble bars I picked up solely for the aesthetic rather than the scent, because they’re both floral scents and I tend to lean away from those more than go for them. But, sometimes I like a flower-scented bath, and that’ll be when I go for these! This one in particular smells really nice, though I can’t place what exactly it smells like to me (the site says jasmine, rose, and ylang ylang, but one of them is overpowering the others and I can’t quite place which… the rose, maybe), and it got a little squished in transition, but I still like it! I’m sure it’ll be much like all their other bubble bars–not massive amounts of bubbles (because I don’t use a whole lot), but a decent amount for the use.

Unicorn Horn: So, normally I’m not much for lavender (my dad’s obsessed with the scent and because of that I usually have my fill just being in the house), but, due to horrible allergies, I get frequent headaches and lavender has proven to be a saving grace when I throw it into the tub to help with the pain. I’ve never tried it in bubble bar form, but this smells so strongly of lavender that I think it’ll be good to use the next time I get an ache!


Let the Good Times Roll: The final product I picked up! I haven’t used a face wash from Lush since I took a break from using their Angels on Bare Skin (which I did a review on years ago on this blog, and you can find it here, just excuse it as it’s my first post) and I kind of missed it a lot, but I didn’t want to go back to my usual haunt when I was fresh for a new adventure. So, I went for this one, and man am I infatuated with the scent. It smells like cookie dough and oatmeal and I don’t even know, but I actually really love it. I’m not sure how it’s doing with my skin as of right now because I’m going through a period of uncharacteristic cystic acne breakouts (I think it’s stress, I’ve never had acne problems before) and it’s skewing how I’m viewing my skin, but it does leave it feeling really nice! I want to look around for a dupe recipe so I can make it myself.

And there’s my Lush haul! These’ll keep me busy for a good few months, I think!

Thanks for reading!


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