e.l.f Cosmetics Beauty Shield SPF 50 Skin Shielding Moisturizer | Review

Been a while since I’ve done a beauty review, eh? I’m still not really partial to makeup very much, but I do moisturize daily and put on sunblock whenever I go outside, which can be a hassle due to the fact it’s so hard to find moisturizer with a decent SPF in it. Seriously, who decided SPF 20 or (god forbid) SPF 15 was the perfect amount to throw in makeup and lotion for your face? Really?

This is especially bad for me, because I live in South Florida, and you’re supposed to wear at least an SPF of 50, and I take the extra mile and go for 70 due to the fact I burn like nobody’s business if I’m outside for longer than 20 minutes. Due to this, I always end up mixing in my own sunscreen with my moisturizer.

But then I noticed e.l.f. had come out with their own moisturizer with, wait for it, SPF 50. That’s unheard of! (Okay maybe not unheard of but I actually have yet to run into something as cheap as e.l.f. with an SPF that high.)

Now, it’s not SPF 70, but I thought it was a dang good start. Plus, it has something in it that’s supposed to shield against toxins in the air, so that’s a nice add-on!


According to their website, e.l.f.’s Beauty Shield SPF 50 Skin Shielding Moisturizer:

contains powerful antioxidants Carrot Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Vitamin C. Featuring a sheer, universal tint, this moisturizer protects your skin from everyday environmental aggressors.

Sounds great, right? And it’s only $12! Almost too good to be true. Here are my personal pros and cons, to make this a quick go:


  • High SPF
  • Cruelty-Free (something I try my best to stick to)
  • Tint is relatively invisible and ends up looking like sunblock
  • Also has ingredients that help against pollution in the air


  • It’s still tinted and that can end up looking bad
  • Strange texture that stays on hands

And, with those out there, my final verdict is: I can’t stand it.

Why? Everything else is fine for me, I don’t mind the tint, I love what’s in it, I love that it’s cruelty-free, but… I have a huge issue with texture. Like, massive. I absolutely cannot stand the feeling of this stuff on my fingers. It feels fine on my face and all, and yes, I can just wash my hands after putting it on, but if I touch my face at all I get it back on my fingers and it drives me up the wall.

If you’re good with things like texture, though? This might be the thing for you! If it weren’t for my issue there, this probably would have been a holy grail for me, and I’m pretty upset I can’t stand to touch it.

Looking at the comments on the website, though, some people suggest powdering after putting it on, so I might try that myself and see how I like it. Otherwise, though, this is not for me.

Thanks for reading!


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