An Unexpected Hiatus — Sorry Guys!

You might have noticed my absence the past … three weeks? Something like that? (Not more I hope …) Something like that. Well … I don’t have much of an excuse! :’D

I’ve had the usual things such as work, allergies, and the like that I usually have while blogging, but these past couple of weeks I just … haven’t felt like writing anything. And my queue ran out, soooo I had nothing left to queue up. And instead of writing more, I just. You know. Didn’t. I guess that’s called a blogging slump. I was writing! Just not writing blog posts.

But now I think I’m ready to start churning the material out again, so I think I’ll be good for my usual Mon/Wed/Fri schedule starting this week! Lots of book reviews on the horizon. Also media reviews. Lots of reviews in general!

I might also have to close my review requests temporarily. I’m having a lot of trouble with my email putting requests in my junk folder, and when I finally realized what was going on, I had over a hundred to sort through and …

prime photo of me in the flesh while looking at her junk folder

If you happened to include your book as a file in your email, consider it added to my list! I’m making my way down it as we speak, and reviews for the ones I’ve already tackled are coming.

But, yeah. Should be a more consistent stream of posts coming around soon. Maybe not the most diverse in content (I DO mostly blog about books), but maybe better than nothing? Hopefully!

Anyway, hope to see you around. Thanks for reading!


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