My 2018 Goals Mid-Year Review

How is it already the end of June?! Excuse me, time, could you slow your roll a bit? Would be appreciated!


Okay, so, back at the end of 2017 (my last post of that year, I think, actually), I tossed up a list of goals I wanted to accomplish by the end of 2018. I made that post … and then promptly forgot all about it!

[TFIOS voice] Whoops? Whoops.

But! Because I went so easy on myself this year, the goals weren’t anything to drastic, and it turns out I’m actually not doing too badly on them, considering!

Here’s what we’ve got so far:

  • Read 75 books

Well, this one is more for the end of the year to look back on, but I have to say I’m so confident that I’ll meet this goal that I’m actually debating bumping it up to 100. (Because I’ve been listening to audiobooks in addiction to/instead of solely reading alone, I have read 13 books so far this month! THIRTEEN!!! WHO IS SHE.)

  • Continue writing

Easily, yeah. I write at least a couple words every day, if not pages and pages depending on how my mood goes. Sure, it might all be fanfiction so far (well, except for maybe like 10,000 combined words elsewhere, across a multitude of WIPs), but Camp NaNo is fast approaching and I’m hoping to get a solid try out of that instead of writing more fanfiction.

(I have been writing though, so consider it practice.)

  • Keep up on my bullet journal

… Nope. Forgot about this one totally. Oh well.

  • Finish the Mass Effect trilogy

Again, more of an end-of-the-year one, but I’m making my way through the second game. I just got a little nostalgic at one point and broke out old Harvest Moon games … and also got a shiny new Switch.

I’ll get there!

  • Unhaul more books than bought

Haven’t quite managed this one just yet. I’ve bought about 46 books thanks to those dang library books sales, and officially (meaning they are gone from my house) unhauled 30. So I’m not too far off from it, really, and I have more about to be on their way out, but I just have to anticipate the next book haul that’ll come at the end of the year to win this one.

  • Write my 2018 recommendations at the end of the year

Can’t do this one yet!

And there we have it! My 2018 goals in review so far, and I don’t think I’m doing too bad!

Hopefully it doesn’t all crash and burn from here …

Thanks for reading!


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