To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before | Book to Movie Thoughts

Been a while since we’ve done one of these, huh? Warning for spoilers for both the book and the movie will exist, because it’s real hard comparing them when I can’t say much!

For the sake of efficiency, we’re going to work with the bullet points I took as I watched the movie (which I did immediately after finishing the book).

Cool? Cool.

What I Liked:

  • The car scene! Good view on Peter, even if he was a little bit of a bitch. Kitty was hilarious.
  • Kitty’s intentions behind mailing Lara Jean’s letters. Initially I was like “wtf she just does it for no reason? At least she had a motive in the book even if it was anger”, but then we find out Kitty did it so Lara Jean would potentially have a social life and I ended up liking the new reason more than the old one.
  • The while Lara Jean kissing Peter part I liked more in the movie. The way she did it in the book seemed pretty excessive, I like the whole kiss-on-the-track thing better.
  • Dialogue? Love it. Love it.
  • Also the part where she fantasizes the boys was a nice touch. Cringey as hell at moments but I think that was the point. I also kind of like how they made her more into her smut romance than she seemed to be in the book? I’m pretty sure they only mention it once in the book, whereas it’s more of a reoccurring theme in the movie.
  • She’s not quite as naive in the movie as she is in the book, which I kind of liked.
  • They connected LJ’s hesitance back to her losing her mom. That wasn’t in the book if I remember right. Good choice, good choice.
  • Dad? Dad is fantastic. I’m so freaking glad they kept him in like he was meant to be and added things to his character as they went. He was such a good dad!
  • Lucas. He showed up like twice in the book, but he was a way bigger character in the movie and I was living for it. I loved the bonding moments they had.
  • That ending? The very end with what’s-his-name showing up? Loved it. Fantastic segue into a sequel.


What I Didn’t Like:

  • Peter being a dumb and letting Lara Jean just hit the ground. Come on! She was obviously fainting and he just let her plummet? She could have hurt her head! He should have at least looked a little worried and tried to catch her.
  • They, like, completely cut short poor Josh’s plot? What he gets in the movie does give him a better light, kind of, but. His relationship connection in the book was so important. I’m kind of mad they just tossed him to side-character status when he was pretty central initially.
  • They also cut the whole sister dynamic of the book. I know the movie makes them all sisterly and nice and shit, but there was strife in the book! Margot had depth to her! They explained why Margot was like the mom and everything! She had reasons!
  • I’m a little salty, okay.
  • They also make it extremely obvious Kitty sent the letters in the movie, whereas in the book you’re kind of left guessing until she admits she did it.
  • They downgraded on Chris a lot. Upgraded? She’s way better of a friend in the movie, which I liked, but they totally sacrificed her sexuality in exchange, which I think is a cop-out. Yeah the movie is supposed to be kind of family friendly, because Netflix, but it’s annoying that Chris deliberately goes against the slut-shaming people pit on her in the book and that is nowhere to be seen in the movie.
  • They also cut out a bunch of the cute things Peter did for LJ. Time-wise, it makes sense, but I still missed them.
  • Uggghhhhh. Josh, buddy, I’m so sorry.


Endgame thoughts:

Honestly? I actually really, really liked it. As a separate entity almost completely from the book, I mean. Kind of like how I was when I read/watched The DUFF. I’m annoyed with a lot of things they did, but also the movie was, what, an hour and a half long? I guess they had to make due with what they could.

Still forever annoyed with how Margot and Josh got the shortest end of the stick possible, but whatever. I’d watch it again, but I’m also going to make sure to recommend the book to anyone who’s seen and loved the movie, because you really should read the book.


It’s such a cute book.

Thanks for reading!


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