Games I Want to See on the Switch

So, were finally getting a new Animal Crossing game (about time!) sometime in 2019, and it’s going to be for the Nintendo Switch. This? This is fantastic news, almost as fantastic for me as the unveiling of the new Elder Scrolls was during E3 (which, still mildly screaming over that, because I was ranting the entire conference to my friend only to have that thrown at me at the end). I can’t wait!

However, there are some games that are already out that I would really like to have on my portable gaming system. Just because, you know, I prefer being on the go with my games instead of sitting in my room.

First world problems, I know.

Anyway! Let’s list some games.


elder scrolls collection

We got Skyrim (of course we got Skyrim) released for the Switch, so why aren’t the older Elder Scrolls games also released for the system? I’d buy them! They don’t have to release all of the older ones, but they should at least release the tentative best title of the whole series! (I’m personally talking Oblivion, but to each their own.)

We Happy Few

we happy few

This is a newly-released game that had been in production for … two years, I want to say? I know it was a while, because I remember a lot of YouTubers playing beta versions of the game while they were working on it. I’ve watched a bunch of people play it at this point, and I want to play it for myself (even though it’s still pretty buggy and has its faults, I really like the game). However, this is one of those games I’d just prefer to play on my off time–and most of the time my off time is when I’m traveling, and therefor playing a game on my Switch. I’d buy it in a heartbeat if they released it (which I’ve read is not outside the realm of possibility! Maybe!), and I hold out hope that they will.



Terrifying game for someone like me, who has a fairly deep-seated fear of not only drowning, but the ocean itself as a whole. However, Subnautica is such a pretty game that I have a powerful want to play it myself and casually bypass the whole “holy hell I hate the ocean and most of what lives in it” train of thought I usually take on when just visiting the beach. I’m not actually even sure this could ever be released for the Switch, but I’m still going to sit here and hold out hope that maybe one day there’s a chance it somehow could be. Gotta learn to get over that fear somehow, right?


Fable I/II/III


I can hope, right? That’s what all of these are. Pure hope.

These are actually only some of the games I would really like for the Switch. Past them, it’s really just a want for older games to be released on a system I can keep with me, like old Harvest Moon titles and Pokemon and Tales and such.

All of which is basically just rising on pure, unadulterated hope. But boy, am I hoping.

Thanks for reading!


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