Reviewing 2018 goals

At the end of 2017, I made a post with these goals for me to follow in 2018. And, like I did last year with my goals for that year, it’s time for me to review those 2018 goals before I set some new ones!

Here we go:

  • Read 75 books

    • Done. In fact, I set my goal to 100 because I was reading so much, and I’m about to meet that goal, too!
  • Continue writing

    • Also done. I don’t have a steady word count for this year, but I know it’s somewhere in the 150k to 200k range. Yeah. Fanfiction wrung a lot out of me this year, in addition to things I wrote for NaNo.
  • Keep up on my bullet journal

    • Whoops. Did not do this one. Lost track of it about midway through the year!
  • Finish the Mass Effect trilogy

    • Okay, also didn’t do this one, but with a reason! I now play video games on Twitch (and YouTube) with my friend, and this is on the list! So now I’m waiting to dive into it.
  • Unhaul more books than bought

    • … Er. Moving on!
  • Write my 2018 recommendations at the end of the year

Soooo… definitely could have done better. Also could have done worse! I’m pretty proud of what I manage to write, so I’m not all that bummed about not nailing the rest.

Up next: 2019 goals!

Thanks for reading!


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