My 2019 Goals

It’s that time of the year again! The end! And that means I have to make resolutions or I won’t push myself to do much of anything in the new year, and we can’t be having that.

So, to make this short and sweet, here are my goals for 2019!

(And I need to remember to update my blog page, too… Watch me forget.)

  • Read 120 books

    • Because I have a LOT of novellas lined up and they’re so short, I’m worried if I start low I’ll just get lazy about it
  • Post at least weekly

    • I’ve been lagging a lot on blogging in favor of other things (reading, YouTube, writing things that aren’t blog posts), and I want to pick back up again!
  • More book reviews!

    • At least one a month if possible
  • Work on Booktube some more (and my gaming channel/Twitch)

    • Still not the biggest fan of it (do you ever get used to talking to a camera? seriously, I hate it…), but it really is pushing me outside of my comfort zone and I don’t want to kick it out of my life when I don’t have something to replace it. So! Gonna try to keep at it.
  • Read at least 50 of my owned books

    • I know that’s not half of 120 and I should be reading mostly my owned books, but I really do have a lot of novellas lined up and almost all of them are for series I own, I just don’t own the novellas. Some of these series have like six novellas or more! Why so many novellas?
  • Finish the fanfiction I’ve now spent a year and a half writing

    • Because I only have like three chapters left I need to get done and then I’m finished with that one. Hopefully. Maybe.
      • This one is tentative because, knowing me, I’ll just tack on seven more chapters and screw myself over.

And there we have it! They’re pretty easy goals if I do say so myself, so I really hope I can get them at least mostly done. Here goes nothing!

Thanks for reading, and happy New Year!


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