I Customized My Nintendo Switch! πŸ’–

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done much of anything, I’ll be honest. Going in hard with those New Years Goals obviously proved to not motivate me to follow them at all, but oh well. I read 21 books in January, so I’m barely complaining.

Along with reading those books, however, I also have been doing a good bit of gaming. Some Skyrim throwback because I got my hands on a SUPER cheap copy last Black Friday (and also modded the hell out of my PC file), but also some vanilla gameplay on Stardew Valley. (WAITING ON NEW SoS GAME HERE, XSEED. DON’T MAKE ME PLAY THAT MOCKERY NOW CALLED HARVEST MOON.)

Oh, and some Let’s Go Pikachu, can’t forget that adorable adventure. (I love it. I love it so much.)

I was even going to review that sucker in a post, but then I got so absorbed in playing it that I flat out forgot I was going to, and here we are.

Anyway. I’ve been playing quite a bit on my Switch, which I love more than any of my other gaming consoles. (Yeah, I only have one from the most recent Gen and it’s the Switch, but I’m including my PC in that. I live for handheld gaming consoles and they will always take the cake for me.) And when I first got my Switch, I debated heavily on getting custom joy cons. This was around my trip to Italy, so obviously I played like a semi-responsible adult and didn’t splurge… I waited until a few weeks before I was leaving for England!

(I’ll get a complete handle on the responsible adult thing one day.)


(Alright, probably not.)

Look at this beaut!


Now, I’ve had those con grips this whole time, because I purchased a case when I purchased my Switch and it came in the bundle, but the joy cons and the thumb grips are totally brand new. I got the thumb grips from Amazon (the second set I gave to my sister) and the joy cons themselves from ColorWare. I almost got those cool see-through ones you can get on Etsy that look like the old GameBoys (in blue because that’s the color I had and nostalgia is a thing), but ColorWare actually ended up being cheaper and I could get two colors.


I know what you’re probably thinking. “Everything on this damn blog is purple and pink and she didn’t get one of them in purple?”

I tried. But the purple they offer isn’t pastel! It’s more like an amethyst, and I live by my pastel-and-black space aesthetic. Lilac/lavender/obnoxiously pale purple colors named after flowers or die.

So! I went for my second favorite pairing of colors behind purple and mint (because the mint was staying): pink and mint! I almost went for the seafoam with the pink, honestly, but ended up liking the preview of the mint more. And they’re gorgeous.

The fun thing too is the thumb grips were technically designed to go with the canon (I wrote canon before I realized what I was saying so just roll with it) red and blue cons, so they weren’t going to match my mint one, but it does match my hand grips! So it’s not a perfect aesthetic, but it’s more than good enough for me. I am 100% happy with all of it.

If you have customized your Switch at all, tell me about it! I love things like this, and I never see much about them nowadays. They were rampant in the 3DS days and I wish they would come back!

And thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “I Customized My Nintendo Switch! πŸ’–

  1. I was given the Switch as a present from me mama because she loves me and I have been Zelda-ing ever since. But I am approaching the time where I am looking to add another game. Stardew Valley appeals because of how it looks but it is a game more like SIm City or are there activities to do? Skyrim is a favorite of mine that I play on the PC. I like games along those lines. Any suggestions? I haven’t decorated me Switch but I have been pondering it. I will take a look at yer links. Thanks for the post matey!
    x The Captain

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve never played Sim City so I can’t say whether Stardew Valley is similar, but it’s a pretty laid back kind of game! It might be slow-paced compared to, you mostly farm, mine, and interact with the townspeople. I hear Dark Souls is a really immersive game, but I haven’t played that one either! I’m on the hunt myself πŸ˜‰

      Thank you, and good luck!!


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