#UnsolvedAThon Wrap-Up!

I am so bad at readathons. You (maybe) know this. I know this.

And yet, I have done it again! I didn’t finish the readathon, even though it was so cool. I think it’s the fact I pick books for a list and then rebel against myself, if I’m being totally honest here. I’m just a special flavor of rebellious dumbass.

(Also I got super into Twitch streaming this month, which… yeah, is probably because I had both this readathon AND Camp NaNo to run from. Why am I like this?)

However! I did get some reading done, even if I didn’t solve the clue! (Which, is still kind of apt? It is Buzzfeed Unsolved, after all. Maybe I unconsciously took that a little too much to heart.)

Here’s my Twitter thread for the readathon, to start:

And then, my final stats! (Which I totally did not just realize I never calculated, what? Psh. What.)


Clues Solved/Books Read: 4
Pages Read: 1,375
Best Book Read: Dracula by Bram Stoker (almost wrote Bran LOLNAH FAM)

I also technically kind of read two books for one clue (the witch one, because it was a duology), but I’m not going to include that in the stats. I also got about 182 pages into Good Omens by Terry Prachett and Neil Gaiman, but I’m also excluding that from the stats.

Thank you again to The Book Corps for hosting the totally cool readathon, I hope you throw it again! (Or any readathon, honestly. You put this one together SO WELL and I loved it.)

Thanks for reading!


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