Currently-Jammin’ #4

I know I haven’t been posting much lately … like, period. But I have reasons! They might not be good enough to be excuses, but they’re reasons! And they’re that, when I’m not working (and doing all of my reading at the same time via audiobooks) or spending way too many late nights streaming Sims 4 and Stardew Valley on Twitch (even though it’s SO MUCH FUN), I’m writing. Not blog posts, obviously, but … things.

Things meaning fanfiction. But! Remember my New Years goal of wanting to finish my one fic because I’d already thrown two years into it and it was getting ridiculous? I did it! (Yeah, okay, sure, there’s now a new part in the works, because this bitch doesn’t know how to stop, but I finished the first sequel for a total of 121k words, making the grand total of 151k words. That’s a lot.)

(Yes, I’m bragging, because it’s the most I’ve ever written for anything and I’m proud of my blood baby.)

Oh, I’m also working on my own original fiction, and they all have a combined word count of nausea-inducing proportions, but they’re absolute messes and I’m refusing to acknowledge them right now. So we’re moving on.

ANYWAY. WRITING. You know what comes with writing when it’s me? Music!

Duh. You knew that.

Let’s just get to the music. Ahem.

Small Doses by Bebe Rexha because, as you’ll see with a few other options here, it fits well with the kind of writing I do. AKA usually enemy-to-friends-to-lovers things (because media prefers romance and I only know how to write one kind of romance). Also? This one works great for AMVs.

Just sayin’.

Without Me by Halsey has just been on endless repeat on the radio lately and, honestly, I’m kind of living for it. It fits my writing theme really well! Also I just have a thing for Halsey’s voice.

On a Sunday by Ester Peony was actually recommended to me by one of my readers a long while back (I haven’t made one of these posts since October, oops!) and I’ve basically been addicted to the song ever since. I did miss most of Eurovision, but I’ll go back and catch up one of these days.

On a little bit of a different note, we’ve got Holding on to You by Twenty One Pilots. I’m not really the most avid fan of their stuff, so I kind of just get into songs as I hear them and decide I like them. That’s what happened with this one.

Church by Fall Out Boy is a necessity because I’ve also been listening to this one basically on repeat since … April? Because I got a story idea suddenly while listening to it one night and know if I stop listening for too long, I’ll lose the plot. Can’t have that! (Even if it’s seriously fighting me every step of the way.)

And then, because FOB is my favorite band (tentatively) (yes, I was an Emo Trinity kid in high school and I never grew out of it), the Church binge led me down a nostalgia spiral so now I’m also listening to This Ain’t a Scene, It’s An Arms Race while I’m at the gym.

It’s not a problem until I admit it, okay.

And there you have it! I’ve posted and I’ve provided what tunes have been driving me up the wall as I try to write lately.

I’m always up for recommendations, so toss them my way if you have any!

Thanks for reading!


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