Stranger Things 3 || Episode Two: The Mall Rats || Liveblog


Since I’m going one to the next watching this, we’re just jumping right into the liveblog portion. If you’d rather only see my final thoughts on everything, scroll to the bottom!

The Liveblog

  • Alright, right back into it.
  • Do we get to see what happened to Billy?
  • I need to see.
  • OH.
  • Nope we do okay
  • Oh no Billy…
  • What the fuck.
  • Excuse me.
  • What.
  • What the fuck. What.
  • Aaaaand we’re onto Mike okay.
  • What the heck did Hopper tell him.
  • I forgot you could do that, listen in on a call.
  • It’s been 84 years since I’ve had a landline.
  • Can you even still do that on a landline? Idk.
  • Well Jonathan really is coming out of that shell he was squashed into that first season.
  • Here we go. Dustin incoming.
  • That was the cutest thing.
  • Steve was so excited to see Dustin. I replayed that scene.
  • Everyone thinks Suzie doesn’t exist but I bet you my bottom dollar she’s going to show up at the end or something like that.
  • It’s just a cliche I can see happening.
  • Also Dustin doesn’t seem like the kind to lie about that.
  • I love Steve’s peanut brain.
  • He tries.
  • The kids are so damn cute.
  • I love love love that Max and El are getting along.
  • Poor Will though, omg.
  • Oh no, Billy.
  • Now is this Billy Billy?
  • Looks too freaked out to be upside down Billy.
  • Also was he about to drink that chlorine? Wtf.
  • Oh she didn’t go THANK GOD.
  • His face. 😦
  • OH FUCK.
  • Oh.
  • So instead of attacking her he tells her to stay away a la bad boy worried he’s going to hurt you, except he really is going to hurt her if he doesn’t.
  • This is so weird.
  • But I’ll accept it.
  • Poor, poor Billy though.
  • Does literally no one question his behanior?
  • God Dustin and Steve are both a couple of Dinguses.
  • My last two brain cells, right here.
  • Except Dustin is both.
  • That banana went through a journey.
  • Continuity error much?
  • Okay, so. What.
  • Good segment though. Loved it.
  • Those store fronts.
  • Oop and here are the boys.
  • Wait, Joyce knows– oh never mind!
  • Yes! Missed teacher!
  • Jonathan move holy shit
  • There’s the explo– why is it moving
  • why
  • ew
  • what.
  • I feel so bad for Billy.
  • Don’t know if I would have before but now I really do feel for him and I’m so scared of what they’re going to do to him.
  • The whole mall sequence was just great.
  • Back to Steve!
  • Good job Steve.
  • And El!
  • Oh shit.
  • Oh shit!
  • Will omg.
  • Joyce get your ass in gear
  • I mean I relate but poor Hop.
  • Those outfits.
  • So sailor.
  • Very ahoy.
  • Good job, Steve.
  • Billy no.
  • Honey don’t.
  • You didn’t.
  • You fucking did.
  • Damn it, Billy.
  • So this was the scene from the trailer where I wasn’t sure if it was lifeguard girl or Mrs. Wheeler, but it’s definitely lifeguard girl.
  • Wait, that’s it???
  • HOLD ON.
  • WAIT.
  • fine.
  • FINE.

Final Thoughts

Well that ended more abruptly than I was expecting it to.

I don’t have as much to say on this episode as I did the last one, more because I think I’m waiting for the big bombs to start dropping on me and we already have everyone reintroduced and everything, so I have less to say in general on those fronts.

I’m really loving the new mall setting though, it’s a lot of fun watching everyone traverse it, and it was so cute the way Max and El are bonding and being able to be teenage girls and do teenage girl things together. I do feel a little bad for Mike since it’s Hopper’s fault he had to do what he did (and apparently can’t tell El Hopper said anything), but if it means she can bond with the others, then I don’t mind THAT much. I want more El/Max fun times, please.

I’m starting to get really worried for Will, though. It’s obvious that even though he didn’t seem to be all that concerned this episode, all he wants to do is do some of the things they used to all do together, and we know Mike snaps at him at some point for this. (Wait, do we know that? Was he talking to Will? Was it a guess? Can’t remember.)

Also: love the scenes with Robin, Dustin, and Steve. They make a nice little pow-wow team. I want more.

Onto the next!

Thanks for reading!


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