Stranger Things 3 || Episode Three: The Case of the Missing Lifeguard || Liveblog


I’m only putting something here so that the preview bit of the post doesn’t start showing the parts of the liveblog, which at any point could possibly be spoilers. Is this big enough? Hopefully.

The Liveblog

  • Yes! Good start with more El and Max!
  • Oh this is a bad idea
  • Hilarious but so bad
  • Same, Will. Same.
  • Oh, phew.
  • Or not phew.
  • This show takes me in all kinds of directions.
  • Hopper, don’t.
  • No.
  • Oh, no.
  • It’s nice how unafraid of Billy Max seems to be now that the last season had ended how it did.
  • It’s not great how he treated her before but it’s nice to see it’s changed at least somewhat.
  • The book almost made it seem like she still was afraid of him and he was waiting to mess with her from how it all had been worded, but the show makes it seem very different.
  • Also, this feels like it’s probably going to go badly.
  • Pls save Billy, girls.
  • And here we go.
  • Awe, Will.
  • Remember the last time Joyce seemed crazy, Hopper? Turns out she was FUCKING RIGHT.
  • So… is he like Will?
  • Back with Nance.
  • Man those guys are such JERKS.
  • That probably means they’re going to die.
  • Dustin!
  • Dustin.
  • Oh my god.
  • Dustin, you should have known better.
  • Now Dustin gives Steve the advice? Plot twist.
  • Oh no rain means sad.
  • I don’t want sad.
  • Oh.
  • Well.
  • I know it’s basically known now that Will was never intended to be straight, the casting call or something called the character queer or something along those lines, but I wasn’t quite expecting them to so outright say Will isn’t into girls
  • And I knew it. It was sad.
  • El!
  • Go El!
  • That scared the BEJEESUS out of me.
  • I knew it was coming and it still scared the absolute fuck out of me.
  • Oof.
  • Here we go.
  • Nooooooo Bob.
  • Worst fucking decision.
  • Bob was so great. He would have helped Will a lot. I know it.
  • And now we’re back to the two brain cells.
  • They’re following a random guy aren’t they.
  • Steve’s stuck with that outfit this whole season isn’t he.
  • I’m asking a lot of questions I already know the answer to.
  • They’re so dumb.
  • Also? Robin is awesome.
  • Have I said that yet?
  • I love her.
  • Still not sure about the way they seem to be setting her up for a romance thing but she’s so freaking awesome I don’t care, I just want her to stick around and not die don’t you dare Duffer Bros.
  • Oh no, Nancy.
  • What the actual shit is wrong with these grown ass men.
  • Awe, Jonathan
  • Do all of the boys in this show share two brain cells between them all
  • Hopper. Crazy Joyce KNOWS.
  • Good line, Hopper.
  • No. Wait.
  • NO.
  • Oh good Mike and Lucas went after Will.
  • Look at my babies oh my god.
  • No Will
  • Nooooo
  • 😦
  • Where the eff are Mike and Lucas
  • So they are setting Steve and Robin up?
  • Joyce.
  • Oh my god.
  • Where the FUCK is Billy.
  • Okay here we go, El and Max.
  • Wait who is that guy.
  • I don’t remember who that guy is.
  • Is that the mayor???
  • I hate this.
  • I hate this a lot.
  • Was that a wink Billy gave or was that an eye twitch.
  • Is Billy even IN there?!
  • Oh they WANT this mayor guy
  • That makes sense.
  • If he is the mayor idek.
  • I’m really enjoying this all so far though ngl.

Final Thoughts

Like I said, this is going really good so far. I’m so, so into it. I’m terrified of what’s going to happen to a lot of the characters, but I’m loving the ride I’m taking to get to that end point.

I’m really worried about what Will’s going to get out of this (THIS is a break? REALLY? Poor Will!), but I’m enjoying seeing Dustin and Lucas still at his sides and going after him when they had an argument. And the bonding between Max and El that’s happening.

I also am really loving how the story just keeps on splitting further and further? We’ve always had it where each group of characters is finding something different out on their own and it all comes together in the end, but they’re really stepping it up this time around with El & Max, Dustin, Robin, & Steve, Lucas, Will, & Mike, and then Joyce & Hopper each having their own separate happenings as the story progresses. I so excited to see where it’s all going to start meshing together, and I hope it starts to do so at least a little soon.

Onto the next!

Thanks for reading!


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