Stranger Things 3 || Episode Four: The Sauna Test || Liveblog


I’m only putting something here so that the preview bit of the post doesn’t start showing the parts of the liveblog, which at any point could possibly be spoilers. Is this big enough? Hopefully.

The Liveblog

  • Holy SHIT that officer guy is tall
  • How tall is he???
  • He makes Jonathan look like a child.
  • He makes NANCY look like a toddler.
  • Excuse me while I Google.
  • Goggle told me nothing.
  • It did however inform me that the actor and I are the same age, so that’s fun.
  • H’es so freaking tall though.
  • I’m shook.
  • Oh god.
  • Ew.
  • Gross.
  • OOH here we go.
  • Dustin pls.
  • Steve pls.
  • Steve.
  • Wait okay so he’s NOT the mayor.
  • He’s Nancy and Jonathan’s boss? Yes?
  • I’m so confused.
  • Oh, shit.
  • So he’s locked in.
  • Locked out?
  • Locked.
  • Also? Love El’s outfit.
  • Oh I remember this.
  • I should have rewatched again before I dove into this but here we are.
  • Is the mayor… the host?
  • He seems so evil.
  • Is he just plain normal but bad?
  • Whoa, Hopper.
  • Wtf.
  • Dustin, if you get stuck…
  • “How many times have you seen him with a shit ON?” I died.
  • Wait, the pool has a gym room?
  • Is that normal?
  • Do public pools normally have a gym???
  • I don’t remember this.
  • I live in Florida now.
  • I don’t go to public pools anymore.
  • #JustFloridaThings
  • Is no one listening to these random teenagers talking about locking someone in sauna?
  • Is that not weird?
  • Now I like Mrs. Wheeler.
  • Good. Didn’t go for Billy, taking care of her daughter. She’s doing good and I feel bad for judging her so hard at the start.
  • Let him apologize, Will. He feels bad.
  • Awe, Max. Hopes it’s not really Billy. That’s a nice side to show of how she feels towards him.
  • Shouldn’t she be quieter?
  • Just a little? Maybe?
  • I feel so bad for Billy.
  • Oh god.
  • Oh boy.
  • “Oh shit” took the words right out of my mouth.
  • Max don’t
  • oh god Max
  • So was that Billy or the Mind Flayer?
  • Oh, fuck.
  • And this is only episode 4???
  • EL.
  • Oh boy. There he goes.
  • Jesus.

Final Thoughts

That was only four episodes in??? They aren’t playing around even slightly are they.

I’m so invested. Still scared for Billy and Robin and all the people who might be considered expendable, but I really hope they show a better side to Billy again with this monster crap whacking him out. I don’t know if that was the Mind Flayer talking exactly there when Billy was crying in the sauna (would he have outed himself like that if it wasn’t at least somewhat Billy?), but it was a side that I think needed to be shown if it IS him.

Also, the Dustin Group. Oof. Now Erica is stuck in everything (which is awesome, she’s hilarious), and they’re hurtling somewhere on a random elevator? Okay. Still love the dynamic between Steve and Dustin probably the most out of every possible one in the show, it’s great how they interact with each other and I’m so glad people liked them enough in the second season that the Duffer Brothers probably incorporated more of it into this season as a response.

Onto the next!

Thanks for reading!


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