Stranger Things 3 || Episode Eight: The Battle of Starcourt || Liveblog


I’m only putting something here so that the preview bit of the post doesn’t start showing the parts of the liveblog, which at any point could possibly be spoilers. Is this big enough? Hopefully.

The Liveblog

  • I’m not ready.
  • Not ready not ready not ready not
  • Oh god, El.
  • Don’t let her look you doughnuts!!!
  • Ew.
  • Fucking ew holy shit.
  • Dude. El is an absolute boss.
  • Strongest move of the whole season, goddamn.
  • Just rip the bitch out.
  • Holy shit.
  • I do love how the girls clearly have the brains and the badassery and the boys are basically living on a prayer and a single brain cell between them all.
  • “Steve’s her daddy now” Steve pls.
  • Billy, no…
  • *I* think Suzie is real.
  • El can lose her powers?
  • How?
  • How does that make sense?
  • Oh, well. That’s terrifying.
  • I hate it.
  • Don’t move 😦
  • El likes to watch Miami Vice omg
  • That whole scene though? Handled really well.
  • Oh
  • Holy shit
  • Holy god
  • Steve
  • Steve I swear to fucking god
  • I literally can’t do anything but watch and panic during the really intense scenes I s2g.
  • Commentary utterly ceases.
  • Wait the fireworks
  • Where are the fireworks???
  • Lucas what are you DOING.
  • You’re going to get killed please
  • Okay, smart move, but I’m still worried about you getting killed
  • What about Suzie?
  • Billy fuck off
  • Don’t die but like fuck off pls
  • Holy shit
  • How did that not kill someone.
  • THAT doesn’t seem right
  • Wait is Billy dead???
  • He can’t be dead that easily.
  • And they weren’t wearing seat belts.
  • They should at least have whiplash right
  • Okay but Billy
  • Oooohhh??
  • Awe
  • That’s so cute.
  • So not the time
  • But so cute.
  • Will’s face was the best part of this whole thing.
  • Billy no…
  • Come on Hopper
  • Kick his ass this time
  • Oh no
  • Don’t kill him
  • They didn’t
  • They DID NOT.
  • No.
  • Absolutely not.
  • Nope.
  • Wait was Hop even in the scene there
  • Wait going back
  • He’s not THERE
  • But he’s dead???
  • Well it looks like they killed Billy so either way I hate this.
  • Waaait his picture wasn’t in the news thing with Barb and Bob though?
  • FISHY.
  • Ooh Robin’s looks are slaying when she can wear her own stuff.
  • I love Robin.
  • STEVE.
  • They’re my favorite team now.
  • Oh Joyce…
  • I don’t think he’s really dead.
  • Neither of them.
  • Because if they gave Billy a redemption arc and then murdered him I will be FURIOUS.
  • Awe El…
  • She’s wearing his blue bracelet???
  • Has that been there this whole time?????
  • Why do you hurt me like this.
  • Alright. Post-credits, right?
  • Why snow?
  • Russia???
  • Not the American?????
  • HOPPER?!
  • OH SHIT.

Final Thoughts

I’m so torn. I don’t know what to think.

I was totally ready to drop this show if they messed up enough, but they didn’t. And yet they still may have killed off both Billy and Hopper? I don’t know what to do. Obviously I’m not going to drop it, I need to see what happened, but I’m not happy about it.

That finale was amazing. Fucking amazing. I loved it as much as I absolutely hated it, and I hated it for reasons I don’t think are totally true. Do I think both Billy and Hopper are dead? Maybe not so much.

Billy… I don’t know. He wasn’t in the newspaper as one of the people marked as killed like Hopper, Bob, and Barbara were (also, why all the B names getting killed off here?), and Max seems awfully happy after the fact after something as traumatic as her brother getting killed. Yeah, she didn’t exactly get along with him and he was a total jerk to her, but she doesn’t seem to care at all. That makes me suspicious and gives me (possibly misplaced) hope that he’s actually still alive and doesn’t show up because he’s in the hospital or something and they want you to be surprised next season.

Something is just definitely off.

(Had better be okay. Do not give a guy a redemption arc just to kill him, that’s so overused and stupid.)

Now, Hopper. He wasn’t in the room when the machine blew up, I was looking for him. Didn’t see him. He was marked as dead in the newspaper, but that’s because everyone in that room was unidentifiable, so how would they know he’s not there? Then, at the end, they mention “the American”, I think it’s Hopper. I want it to be Hopper. There’s no way they killed Hopper off, dammit.

I’m holding out hope that they’re both actually alive. Please, Duffer Bros, don’t do this to us. The season was SO GOOD. It would have been pretty perfect in my eyes if Billy and Hopper were actually still alive.


I need to go sit down a while.

(Robin and Steve’s friendship though? Possibly my favorite new element of the whole season. Give me more, I love it. I love it!)

I need the next season. Now.

Thanks for reading!


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