My 2019 Goodreads Year in Books!

Man, it’s been a year! 180 books down, which blew my mind just a little bit by the end of it all (and also motivated me to do even better in 2020), and now I have a handful of stats courtesy of Goodreads to toss out at you!

gr 1

gr 2.png

So I read almost 60k pages, and it kind of irks me that I got so close and fell short. I was almost there! Is there a way to tell how many pages you’ve read throughout the year as the year is going, or do you have to wait until they start pumping out the stats at the end of the year?

I feel like there’s a way and I’m just not remembering… I’ll have to look when the new year starts up! Anyway, moving on…

gr 3

… So I feel like this one is cheating a little, and now that I realize It by Steven King is included, it makes me feel a little less irked by my page count of the year. I read It over the span of … what, two, three years? Took me a long time, I’ll tell you that much. I feel like I shouldn’t count it at all, but I also don’t want to remove it (so I’m not 😉 )

That average length is nice tho…

gr 4

I don’t have anything to say about this one really. I just thought it was interesting! It makes me wonder what my second most popular book was.

gr 5.png

… And here’s this doozy! I really don’t know what was up with me this year. Seriously. I guess I’m just getting harder in my ratings as I get older? I don’t even know. Maybe I just really didn’t like what I was reading, but I also have a habit of finishing a series even if it kills me.

Actually, looking back, it was probably that. I’m rereading a series that I used to like almost ten years after I first read it and I’m really not liking what’s happening this time around (don’t make a woke joke don’t make a woke joke), and the series is so long. So there are a lot of low ratings probably messing up my average.

At least, that’s what I’m going to tell myself.

Anyway, that’s that! Those are my stats for the year! I’m not totally sure what I’m going to aim for in the new year, but I’m thinking about 150 and then fixing it as I go? Or do I go ham right off the bat and start at 200, which, let’s be real, is my actual goal?

I have a couple days left to choose. (I’m also easily swayed, if you’d like to make an input!)

Thanks for reading!


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