Reviewing My 2019 Goals!

So, at the end of 2018 (geez, why does that feel so long ago now?) I made my now-annual post of goals I had for the new year. One again, it’s time to review those goals before I jump into the ones for 2020!

  • Read 120 books

    • I actually ended up reading 180, which is fantastic! Way better than I anticipated, and it’s got me pumped to slaughter my next goal!
  • Post at least weekly

    • Whoops! Didn’t do this one even remotely close. But! I’ll be making up for it this year, so get ready for that!
  • More book reviews!

    • Nope… but, again, making up for that in the new year! Get ready for a buttload of reviews, coming your way!
  • Work on Booktube some more (and my gaming channel/Twitch)

    • Kind of? I definitely did a lot with my Twitch and I got a few videos out on my YouTube channel. I’d say I managed this one!
  • Read at least 50 of my owned books

    • I read a grand total of (drum roll please) … 108 of my owned books! It’s still not really a dent in my pile, but that’s twice what I was hoping for! Totally going to try for this again in the new year, because it’s nice having some shelf space, even if it usually only lasts for the time it takes for the library book sale to pop up again.
  • Finish the fanfiction I’ve now spent a year and a half writing

    • This was a big one for me, and, holy shit, I did it. Yes, I have promised a third part to it, but there’s no stress attached to the third part like there was this one, and I finished that bitch. I know it’s just fanfiction, but it’s writing to me, and I am done.
      • (… For now. I always stuff myself back in that hole before long. But this one is done, and that’s enough for me.)

So, I didn’t get all of them, but I didn’t I did pretty okay with what I did get done! And, like I said before, I have plans to make up for my lack of posting, which you will find out about tomorrow when I post my goals for 2020!

Thanks for reading!


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