It’s Been 5 Years!

… And 555 posts, as of this one? Huh. Weird how that worked out.

Screen Shot 2020-01-04 at 12.58.23 PM

Five years. Jeez. It blows my mind to know that when I was first setting this blog up, I was a senior in college just trying to get my ass out of school finally and needed something to take my mind off the stress that was giving me, and that resulted in a blog that was a homage to my old Tumblr book blogging days.

That was a rough year, but, I gotta say, having something to take my mind off of everything was immensely helpful.

I know I’ve fallen a little behind in recent years in regards to keeping up with this place, but I don’t really ever plan on giving up on it completely anytime soon, and this year in particular I have a slew of things coming (well, okay, it’s almost exclusively book reviews) to maybe catch up a little where I’ve fallen behind. This blog’s always been a sort of haven for me, though, so I’ll probably bump that up with more nonsense depending on how the year goes!

Anyway, yeah. Five years. And some of you have been here that whole time!

Thank you guys, for being here at any point in my blogging life. And to those of you who keep a blog yourselves, because I love scrolling mindlessly down my feed when I really shouldn’t be, reading everyone’s posts and ignoring my responsibilities 😉 It means a lot!

And, you know? Here’s to another five. Maybe. Hopefully?

(The way time is speeding past, I wouldn’t be surprised if I blinked and it was 2030 already.)

Thanks for reading, and I hope I see you around!


7 thoughts on “It’s Been 5 Years!

  1. Congrats on 5 years!! I started mine in July of 2016 so I will be celebrating 4 years this year. I can’t believe it’s been almost 4 years. It seems like I just started yesterday. Here’s to many more years to come for the both of us!!

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