Characters of the Year Book Tag [2019]

So I saw Zezee @Zezee With Books doing this, and she graciously tagged me when I expressed interest (thank you!), so I hustled on up and slapped together some answers!

It looks like the link to the original creator tag by Amanda @A Brighter Shade of Hope no longer works, but the link to her blog is there all the same!

Onto the tag!

Favorite male character of the year


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Memphis Campbell

If I’m not including my The Raven Cycle reread (and I’m not), then my favorite male character of the year has to be Memphis Campbell from The Diviners by Libba Bray.

Favorite female character of the year

sleeping giants

Kara Resnik

This was a hard one, because there were so many good female characters I read about this year, but ultimately I have to go with Kara Resnik from the Themis Files by Sylvain Neuvel.

Most relatable character of the year


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Ed Kennedy

Oddly enough, probably Ed Kennedy from I am the Messenger by Markus Zusak. It’s not that I relate to him completely, but he’s just trying to get through life and he’s pretty stuck on everyone and everything around him until the main events of I am the Messenger kick off, and, I gotta say, that hit home pretty squarely.

Couple of the year


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Alex Claremont-Diaz and Prince Henry

Again, barring my reread of The Raven Cycle… gonna have to go with Alex Claremont-Diaz and Prince Henry from Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuinston. I had my (very few) issues with the book, but, gotta say, they were frickin’ adorable.

Villain of the year



It from It by Stephen King. Cliche? Maybe. But boy, he was the freakiest villain I read about all year, so I’m counting him. Also yes, I used the meme image. I love this meme.

Most disliked character of the year


Jacinda Jones

HOO BOY HAD A LOT OF ANSWERS FOR THIS ONE. I had a salty year. Jacinda from Firelight by Sophie Jordan has to take the cake, though. I could not handle how high that pedestal she put herself on was. Like, girl, grow some humility, would you?

Royal of the year


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Prince Henry

… What? I like him! (Prince Henry from Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuinston)

Sidekick/non-main character of the year


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Mabel Rose

Now I’m not totally sure she’s not a main character since I’ve only read the first book so far, but I’m going to go with Mabel Rose from The Diviners by Libba Bray anyway.

Sibling of the year

the diviners

Memphis Campbell

Memphis Campbell, again, hands down. He tries so hard with his little brother, and he’s easily the best sibling I read about in 2019. No competition.

Whew! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done one of these, good lord. But I had a lot of fun with it! Makes me want to start doing book tags again…

I’m not going to tag anyone specifically because I’m so far out of the game that I honestly couldn’t even think of who to tag, but if you’d like to do it, let me know and I’ll tag you!

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Characters of the Year Book Tag [2019]

  1. So glad you did it!!😊 And it’s always fun to do book tags.
    Mable Rose is a good character too and I also like Theta. I would so love for the Diviners to be a movie or tv series. It would work well in that medium.

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