Currently-Jammin’ #5


Long time, no music posts! Not that I really do this as a regular thing, but it’s still been a bit, right?

With the closing of 8tracks last month (I’m so upset about that, btw), I barreled through as many possible playlists as I possibly could with the four day warning they gave us before shutting down for good, and, man, I found some jams.

And, thus, I decided it was time to do another one of these!

Onto the tunes!

Actually, you all are probably sick to death of Circles by Post Malone because it’s been on the radio constantly lately, but it’s been kicking off a lot of writing inspo for me, so I kind of have to include it.

This one I think I actually first heard one time in Target, but couldn’t find it for the life of me until I found it again in an 8tracks playlist.

Actually found this one on Spotify during NaNoWriMo, but I still jam to it constantly, so it’s going in.

So apparently Dynasty by Miia is a very popular FMV song but I am so far out of the game with that anymore that I had no idea and found this one purely by chance. Still love it, though, and totally get why it’s used so much.

The same goes for this one, Way Down we Go by Kaleo. It’s used a LOT, but it’s just a really awesome song that goes fantastically for a lot of shows and movies, so I totally get it.

And that’s all for this one! I’ll probably have another one up at some point since I still rely so heavily on music to get me inspired to write, and I’m constantly writing, so I’m constantly looking for more tunes.

If you have any music you love, send it my way, please! I’m on a never-ending hunt for more music, and I crave everything I can get my paws on.

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Currently-Jammin’ #5

  1. Like everyone else in Europe, I am enjoying Stormzy’s new album quite a bit! 🙂 Also, The Big Moon had a new album out last week, which I am loving! I am seeing a newish band called The Howl and the Hum over the weekend. No album yet, but the few songs they have are really good and very varied, which I like. Also, Inhaler (Bono from U2”s son’s band) has been in my ears a lot – again very new – indie rock/pop vibe. And check out The Modern Strangers, again a newish group with a sound that is just the right sort of poppy! And if you like a bit of rock, I am loving The Amazons at the moment! That will do 😂😂😂 Don’t get me started on music!

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