3 Video Games I’m Excited for!

You can probably already guess what two out of three of these are if you’ve been around long enough (hell, maybe even all three!), but, you know what, I’m so excited for one of these that I’m making a whole post about three games that I am dying to get my hands on.

I like video games, okay. I get irrationally excited over them. I’m nearly foaming at the mouth over here each time Nintendo tweets despite it never being about what I want it to be about.

The Games

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town


Ah, my favorite Harvest Moon game to this day, a pinnacle of nostalgia. When I saw this game was coming out I flipped my shit, as you do, in the middle of the library, where I was procrastinating on something by lurking Tumblr.

(Yes, I still use Tumblr. I kind of hate Twitter. They’re very mean over there.)

I proceeded to load up one of my favorite old websites out there, Fogu, and log into my ancient and long-untouched username to scour the forums and await news on what was going to be eventually coming my way. I was not disappointed.


(I was a little disappointed, but beggars can’t be choosers, and I didn’t even realize I was begging until I was already on lying on the cold hard ground from my knees giving out on me.)


I am impatiently waiting for XSEED to get around to localizing this one so I can return to my first digital love, Cliff, and then proceed to woo the new girl, Jennifer. (I like the guy, Brandon, too, but LOOK AT JENNIFER SHE’S SO CUTE I WANT TO MARRY THAT PLS.) They just wrapped up with Rune Factory 4: Special Edition (which I also ordered… no surprise), so hopefully it won’t be too much longer!


I’m not… the biggest fan of the redesigns, but I will say that Kappa’s? Is the funniest shit and I almost want to woo him just to be able to say I married that. He’s so gloriously emo Japanese duck creature god thing that I actually cannot deal. I also like Rick’s quite a lot, but I will forever be miffed about them taking Gray’s iconic UMA hat.

Okay, really, I have nothing to complain about except that I don’t have the game right now. It’s 2020, people! Give us worldwide releases!



There’s not a whole lot out there for this one yet, and word is the release is slated for 2022 (just kill me now that’s SO FAR AWAY), but, from looks alone, this game seems so far up my alley that young me is screaming that it took so long for a Harvest Moon (cough also Stardew Valley) like game BUT WITH WITCHES to come out.

This? Might be everything I’ve wanted in a game. Jury’s still out, but it looks promising.

(The only thing I would ever want more would be an open world Elder Scrolls-like game but with the Harry Potter universe… but that’ll never happen, haha. Unless…?)


There really is very little out there on this game so far, and Chucklefish isn’t giving a whole lot away, but I’m still super excited every time anything pops up. I already want to play this game so badly, and it kills me I’ll have to wait a few years to get to it.

(I’m a millennial. We don’t do patience, remember?)


Ugh. Give me it.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons



Okay, you have to have seen this one coming a mile away. We’ve been asking for a new Animal Crossing for almost as long as we have Elder Scrolls. I’m freaking out more and more as each day ticks by and March 20th comes closer and closer.

(Yes, I know I’m a full grown adult. I don’t care. I have to get excited about something in life and video games and books are IT.)


Nintendo’s radio silence over the game irks me a little, but, it’s Nintendo. I don’t trust Nintendo anymore than I do Todd Howard, and I’ve only ever trusted Todd Howard to sign my life over to the Dark Brotherhood and call it a night.

I do trust they’ll release a bomb-ass game, at least, even if they’re being really annoying about cloud saves.

(Seriously, what is that crap? I really, really hope they fix it! If I ever get a new Switch for a reason I can’t currently fathom, you better not tell me I can’t transfer my saves.)


We do still have a good *checks countdown website* 37 days until the game drops, so we’re expecting some kind of Direct to happen with some more details, but I’m honestly not holding out that much hope that they’ll give us more info when the game is only a little more than a month away at this point.

They’re probably also fully aware we as a collective fandom unit will likely foam at the mouth for the smallest of details, so, you know. Not a whole lot needed to get us excited all over again. I, for one, will take what I can get. I’ve watched the trailers, I’ve combed over the renders, I’ve devoured all the YouTube videos breaking down what new things we’ll get.

I want more. They told me I’ll get Marshal, which I’m thrilled beyond the moon about because he’s my fave, but give me moooooore.


I’m just. So ready.

Fuck me up, Nintendo.

Thanks for reading!


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