Cabeswater Chronicles: Entry #4

[ March 26th, 2020 – March 31st, 2020 ]

Warning: Picture-heavy! 

Went to visit my friends’ towns a lot this week! My friend pictured gave me the dress I’m wearing. I love it.

Norma in the rain is the cutest thing. Also? The rain in this game is amazing.

We opened the campsite! Bring on the new villagers!

Katt, as usual, was singing around town. (Seriously, she sings all the time.) This time, though, I caught Cobb watching her!

First camper was O’Hare! That side-eye tho…

And Gulliver again! I like how relatively easy his task always is.

… Thank you?

My first money island! I didn’t get a pic before I started picking all the bells up, though, whoops…

Like all first campers do, O’Hare moved in, and he moved in with an AWESOME house flooring/carpet combo. They move. And make splashing noises.

More of Norma in the rain, because I adore both of these things, and she calls me out on it right here.

… Almost completely all funded by yours truly! In true Animal Crossing fashion, maybe 100 bells total were donated by the villagers. Good job, guys!

(I’m kidding, I love them.)

Woke up the next day to both rain and Gulliver’s gift. Also: my lazy day outfit.

Marina was next to move in! I actually nabbed her off of the islands for a friend, who as an ocean-themed island in the words that would compliment Marina perfectly.

Able Sisters is also finally finished being built! Now to annoy Sable until she loves me!

Katt gave me a new reaction! Plus, look at how cute she looks in her rain wear.

It was actually a pretty busy day, even though I woke up that morning and wanted to make it a lazy one with the outfit choice. C.J. showed up, and I couldn’t just deny him his fish! Chip would be appalled.

I nabbed a placeholder flag for the time being, since I’m not quite sure what I want yet. Artemus is totally inside this one.

Oh, yeah. He’s absolutely a keeper.

(Is that his mouth or a mustache? I seriously cannot tell once he closes what looks like his mouth in this shot…)

… Run, O’Hare. RUN.

And that’s all I’ve got for this entry! The next one will probably follow soon, because I mostly have it all ready.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Cabeswater Chronicles: Entry #4

  1. We have a stay-at-home order in place but alas, I work for an essential business. Buuut after last week I had my husband buy the game for an escape. I think he was more excited. lol. He started up right away, named our island Toot Toot (apparently he wanted Tooti Tooti but it was too long?), oyyyy. I finally got a chance to play last night. It’s super cute and silly!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, congrats!! Well, on the game front, at least, not so much the order! I hope everything goes well for you guys, and have fun with the game! (I’m sooooo addicted, it’s bad… 😂) Toot Toot island is a great name, omg. I love it!


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