This Weekend’s Read [5/30/2020]

Hey. Hi. Me again. Still kicking, but rapidly losing track of time.

I’ve decided to try yet another new method of attempting to get myself to read more and lose less time, and this attempt is going to utilize the weekend (which I don’t work and don’t stream) to read a single book. One book in two days, literally not hard. I have done it before, there’s no reason I can’t again.

So! We’re going to try this. I’ll dictate the book before the weekend, read said book (hopefully), and then maybe talk about the book when writing the next weekend read. I may have to tweak this as I go, but I think it’s a fair start.

This weekend’s read is: Deviate by Tracy Clark.

I read Scintillate a while back and was not the biggest fan by any means, but I’m not one to give up on a series just because I don’t like it. (I call it my stubborn bitch gene. Pretty sure I got it from my dad.) Naturally, that means I’m going to keep going.

… Here goes nothing!

(Also… the new post editor is… uh, something.)

4 thoughts on “This Weekend’s Read [5/30/2020]

  1. You can do it! I have been looking out for your AC posts! 😊 We’ve finally got our pathway construction! Woohoo for structure!

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    1. Awe, thank you! I’ve put a pause on them for the moment (the quarantine is really making me lose track of time), but I want to throw together an outfit one soon! (And then maybe one for the wedding season!) Good luck with the structuring!! I *hate* terraforming… I hope you guys are doing okay, considering everything that’s happening!!!

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      1. My husband is loving the terraforming because it’s just overwhelming for me. lol. We are safe, luckily we live in a pretty rural area so we haven’t been affected much by COVID or more recently, protests. The world seems to be going to shit though. :/ Hope you’re doing well!

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      2. Oh, good! Glad you’re safe! The world is definitely on fire, and that might even be putting it lightly…

        I’m doing pretty okay! Just trying to go through the motions and all. Memory’s absolute garbage, so I keep forgetting to do a lot of the online things I typically keep on top of, but, hey! I’m doing fine otherwise, so, can’t complain 😀


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