Cabeswater Chronicles: Entry #6 [A Lookbook]

[April 6th 2020 – June 6th 2020]


Warning: Picture-heavy! 

Hoo man, that’s two whole months! It’s been a minute!

I chose to slow down a little with the entries, mostly for mental health reasons (I am having serious issues keeping track of time right now, on all fronts), but I’m still going to pepper them in here and there! For today, I’m going to be tossing out some of my favorite outfits to wear as I terrorize the villagers of Cabeswater. O’Hare here looks particularly done with my bullshit. I love him.


rimmed glasses // dotted raincoat // rain boots // cherry-blossom pochette // frilly socks // bandage // pink hyacinths


argyle vest // argyle crew socks // wingtip shoes // corduroy pants // tortoise specs


round shades // fishnet tights //  cherry-blossom pochette // work boots // tee dress // denim cap


bandage // denim cutoffs // rubber-toe high tops // energetic sweater // ribbon


round glasses // denim cutoffs // lace-up boots // fishnet tights // space parka // knit hat


bandage // worn-out jeans // rubber-toe high tops // knitted-grass backpack // bobby socks // bomber-style jacket // round glasses


round glasses // jogging shorts // house slippers // bobby socks // baggy shirt // knit hat


round glasses // denim cutoffs // rubber-tie high tops // frilly socks // work apron // orange windflower

round glasses // rubber-toe high tops // pleather fringe bag // maxi dress // pink windflower

tortoise specs // flare skirt // mary janes // crocheted socks // college cardigan // beret

And that’s all for this entry! I’ll follow up with a little more of an update one at some point.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Cabeswater Chronicles: Entry #6 [A Lookbook]

  1. haha cute! I would love wands to be individual so we could have more outfits. What’s the point of having 7 different wands when they all have the same outfits?! lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right??? I’m actually pretty disappointed in the wand feature, I feel like they could have done a lot more with it. I guess there’s always a chance of an update, but bleh, they’re not my favorite new feature…


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