Cabeswater Chronicles: Entry #8

[ June 1st, 2020 – July 28th, 2020 ]

Warning: Picture-heavy! 

Still playing catch up, if the dates don’t tell you that already! This one is a little shorter, because the one that comes after is a huge dump of firework festival fun!

I already made a separate post for this one (on Tumblr, if you’re reading from my personal blog), but it’s still possibly my favorite set of screenshots ever. I love O’Hare’s face so much.

Er… Cleo? That’s not how stairs work… Are your legs going through them???

The wedding festival event! This was SO cute.

… Uh. I can explain?

(I didn’t realize she’d ask me about it again!)

Marshal got sick 😦

(Still cute tho)

She’s not sitting in a chair, but I’ll give her this one. This is very aesthetically pleasing.

Just chillin’.

I didn’t realize how DARK this one came out… it was such a cute pic, too!

With the gals again, doing gal things. (We were toddy slappin’.)

This was either my first or second encounter with Pascal, and I was not prepared for WHAAAAALES.

It was O’Hare’s birthday this time! He invited Bruce, and they both look SO CUTE.

Caught three of them just fat chilling in the plaza, with Marshal in the background lookin’ a little judgmental.

And that’s all for this one! Again, sorry it was so short! I wanted to keep all of the fireworks ones in one place, which comes next!

Thanks for reading!

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