Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer | Review

This book review has some spoilers, but, like, who doesn’t know the plot of Twilight at this point anyway?

Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer
Series: Twilight #5
Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult
Release Date: August 4th 2020 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Format: Hardcover, 662 pages
Rating: ★★☆☆☆
Find it here: Goodreads || Book Depository

When Edward Cullen and Bella Swan met in Twilight, an iconic love story was born. But until now, fans have heard only Bella’s side of the story. At last, readers can experience Edward’s version in the long-awaited companion novel, Midnight Sun.

This unforgettable tale as told through Edward’s eyes takes on a new and decidedly dark twist. Meeting Bella is both the most unnerving and intriguing event he has experienced in all his years as a vampire. As we learn more fascinating details about Edward’s past and the complexity of his inner thoughts, we understand why this is the defining struggle of his life. How can he justify following his heart if it means leading Bella into danger?

I can’t believe I’m reviewing this book. I thought Twilight was dead and done. Alas, we’re apparently getting two MORE books set after Breaking Dawn, and I’m… not sure I can handle that much Renesmee, tbh.

(The whole Jacob/baby thing rubbed me all the wrong ways when it happened, and I’m not over it.)

ANYWAY. I wrote that top little blurb before I’d even actually read the book, because I was preplanning the reviews for the new year. Now that I’ve actually read the book, I am at a TOTAL LOSS of how to… actually… review this book. I just. I don’t know how to do it. All I want to do is make fun of Edward for being the most dramatic bitch of — 2008? Was that the year? Dramatic bitch of the century, actually, let’s just go with that.

I mean, I get it. He’s a 17-year-old. Kind of. But my god he never grew out of being a teenager, did he?

Dare I say it, I think I hated being in Edward’s head more than I did Bella’s. It was admittedly super interesting being able to hear in everyone’s head (minus Bella, of course), but that was about all I really liked about being in Edward’s head. At least in Bella’s POV he didn’t seem quite as creepy as he did in his own head (which, I know, is because she was infatuated with him — the creepiness came out way more in the movies, imo, poor R. Patty). His obsession with Bella and trying to make her look so great made me dislike her more than I did in the original book. Quite the feat, let me tell you.

Something that also heavily bothered me while reading this: we know Bella is a teenager. A kid. A, as Edward LOVED to constantly repeat, GIRL. Sure, Edward is also 17 in a sense, and therefore still a teenager in a sense, but he’s also like, well over a hundred? And he reminds you of this all the time. It’s uncomfortable as hell. We know there’s an age gap, okay, he’s a fucking vampire. Did you have to remind us how creepy the whole idea was, say, every damn chapter? It bothered me so much.

I don’t know, man. As the youth like to say, I just didn’t vibe with it, like, at all. I still say Meyer can write pretty damn well, and her writing is very easy to get through despite the content, but. Ugh. I don’t want more books on Renesmee. I really don’t.

Genuinely, I’m still waiting for The Host sequels. I actually loved The Host. I want more. Not more Twilight.

Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer | Review

  1. I say hell to the no with that cash grab. Meyer’s clearly run out of money. Barf. I will not being touching the “new” trilogy with a ten foot pole. And I got rid of the original trilogy last year. I don’t need that on my shelves anymore. I moved on. And there will be no Host sequels unfortunately because I would like to see those too. Publishers aren’t asking for Host sequels and there’s no way she’d self-publish them. She’ll just keep coming back to Twilight to make more money.

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  2. I tried reading the book for the sake of old times, but i felt it so heavy on me i just couldn’t finish it… i never liked Edward in the furst place, so i guess being in his head wasn’t that good idea… anyway, thank for sharing your opinion!

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    1. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment! I totally understand where you’re coming from, he’s really a… certain kind of person to have to get stuck in his head like that. It really was quite the ride…


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