Reviewing My 2020 Goals!

Oh, boy. I’ve been avoiding this one for as long as I can. I did NOT do well with my goals this year, and looking back at them makes me cringe a little at how much I failed to complete them.

However! I’m not exactly upset that I didn’t. Just that I had such high expectations for the year and basically everything flopped. That does mean 2021’s goals will be super chill, though, so that’s a bonus on my end! I’ll probably actually complete them!

Anway: the goals!

  • A year of book reviews!
    • NOPE! I lost steam as soon as we went into lockdown and couldn’t bring myself to pick it back up again. I have a few book reviews ready for the new year, but I won’t be attempting something like that again when things can get in the way so easily.
  • Read 150 books
    • Got this one! I actually read 200 books! I’m extremely proud of that, honestly!
  • 80 of those books must be from my TBR
    • Got this one, too! 99 of the books I read this year were from my TBR. That’s a decent chunk!
  • Continue with Twitch and YouTube
    • Kind of? I continued with Twitch for a while but totally dropped YouTube when it became violently clear I was not leaving the house due to quarantine and getting in front of a camera just exemplified my anxiety like no other.
  • Complete my personal library challenge (pending title: Authorbet?)
    • Unfortunately, this one I had to scrap the moment lockdown went into place since the libraries shut down and the digital library was FLOODED with people who had nowhere else to go. I couldn’t get most of the things I wanted without months’ worth of a wait, so I gave up.

Clearly, I had no idea what was coming my way in 2020. That’s why I’m giving myself an ample pass for getting less than half of my goals done. I have plans for 2021’s goals that accommodate lockdown, though, so I bet I will get most, if not all, of those done!

Those will be out tomorrow, if you’re interested!

Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “Reviewing My 2020 Goals!

  1. I totally feel your pain! I deleted my update post in disgust (at myself!) because I didn’t really stick to anything I put but this has been a poopy year so I think we are entitled to give ourselves a break!

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    1. Very true! My goals for next year are SO easy because of how tragic the outcome of this year’s was, but, like you said, a break is absolutely necessary at this point!


  2. I also lost steam on book reviews about halfway through the year. I have started 2021 off right but I usually do for the first few months. lol.

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