A Book Haul!

Been a minute since I’ve done one of these, huh?

With COVID and everything, I haven’t been able to do my library book sale hauls, and 2020 ended up being a year with very little book purchases over all. It wasn’t until the very tail end of December that I even put in a book order, and at that it was only six books.

Which six books, you’re wondering? Well, that’s what this blog post is for!

Let’s see what I got:

First up, we’ve got The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton, which I read previously as a library copy and adored. Since I’m trying to only own new hardcover books of things I’ve already read and want to keep, I had to get myself a copy of this one. I plan on getting the sequel, The Everlasting Rose, during my next book order, since I also enjoyed that one. Waiting impatiently for the third!

I also got a bind up of Jane Austen’s novels, including Susan, because Jane Eyre got me in one hell of a classics mood and I have a might need to take this lug and just read her all the way through. And I will do so! After I read Wuthering Heights, since that’s only 21 in 2021 TBR list.

Next we have Red Dragon by Thomas Harris, because it’s my friend’s favorite book and I’ve never read it before. I don’t have a whole lot to say about this one, tbh. I’ve never had a whole lot of interest in reading about Hannibal, but I’m making an exception.

And then we have Dracula by Braham Stoker! And I will be blatantly obvious here: I got this one PURELY for the cover. LOOK HOW COOL THAT COVER IS! I want all the others in the series, but they’re apparently not in print anymore and really hard to get ahold of. It’s genuinely heartbreaking, because I’d buy them all.

And finally, we’ve got Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, again, because of my classics kick. Also, this cover is so cute, and I’m enjoying a lot of the Signet Classics covers. (I also read better when I have these little mass market paperback copies, so I decided I needed one for a book that’s a little on the longer side.)

Innocent Mage by Karen Miller is the last on the list, and is also the one I know jack diddly all about and only picked up because I’m dying for some fantasy. That’s literally it. I just want some fantasy, and this looks about as fantastical as I could grab. Don’t know what it’s about. Mages, I guess. Possibly kings. And breaking. And making. Yeah.

Anyway! That was my haul of the new year, which was technically a December haul but was so close to the end of the year that I waited a week to write up a post about it and then another week to actually post it. If you’ve read any of these, let me know what you thought of them!

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “A Book Haul!

  1. I have never heard of The Innocent Mage or Karen Miller! Looks interesting! I do adore that cover of Little Women, it’s so cute! I may have already done a Book Outlet order this year…and it might’ve been pretty big…buuuut the books average to only $3 each. And I did miss out on all of my library sales last year too! I also bought some duplicates, a new pretty unmarred copies of Carrie, The Shining, and ‘Salem’s Lot. All previously beat up used library sale copies which I will now donate to my local library for their sale.

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    1. Yess! I love getting pretty new copies of dupes, just means more books to donate! I hadn’t heard of Karen Miller or her book(s?) either, I happened to see it next to George R.R. Martin’s stuff on the shelves and did the ye olde method of “oooh this looks cool” and buying it without knowing anything about it 😂 Hopefully it’s good! I can’t wait for library sales to start again, though… those were such a highlight of the year. 😭


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