August 2021 TBR

Man, I have been having a GREAT track record with this, which is so unusual for me! Time to jinx it! 😀

August’s TBR

So this month will hopefully feature me finally finishing the Throne of Glass series (and never looking back), along with the third book in the Crave series. I wouldn’t say the series is great, but it’s definitely a fun read in a way that Twilight or Vampire Diaries is. Very much a “supernatural teenagers with usual teenage drama and then some supernatural unusual drama splashed in” kind of deal. It’s just fun! (And predictable, but that’s okay.)

As for Dark Matter, this is one of the books on my 20 in 2021 TBR list. I really love the Wayward Pines series by Crouch, so I’m hoping I’ll like this one, too. I’m also making my way through all the Ellen Hopkins books I hoarded back when I was in high school and they were all the rage, along with reading all the ones I never read when I lost interest. It’s really interesting seeing my ratings change from what I made them all the way back in the early 2010s 😂

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “August 2021 TBR

  1. I really enjoyed Dark Matter even though it was confusing as hell. lol. I just read Recursion in June and that was also good but confusing! His science-y books he goes hardcore on!

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