My 2021 Goodreads Year in Books!

And we’re ending the year off with 180 books! Not bad, I’d say!

More pages than last year even though I read 20 less books? I smell Miss Maas skewing my data! She has some THICC books, and I read a bunch of them this year.

DAMN that was a long book. But, yes, here we have Miss Maas coming in hot for a second year in a row with the longest book I read in the year. Shouldn’t happen next year because I am ALL done with her stuff. I have nothing left to catch up on (except Silver Flames but I’m trying desperately to ignore the fact it exists) and I refuse to read her new series.

Because of her chonker books, though, I do have a much longer average book length this year than I did last year, which was 350.

Unsurprising! A classic is pretty likely to have a much higher shelf count than a more modern book since it’s been around longer. Also the least popular was a novella of a series I hear NOTHING about (The Syrena Legacy by Anna Banks, which was actually pretty good), so I’m not surprised the count is so low.

… Well, it went up .1 from last year, at least? I’m getting better! Still bitter, but better!

(I did think that would be higher than it is. Oops.)

So, that was relatively unsurprising, tbh. I had a feeling I knew what the stats would look like, and I wasn’t completely wrong. Only on the star rating average. Maybe next year will be my year!

(Hey. I can hope.)

Onto 2022!

(I almost put 2021. Help me.)

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “My 2021 Goodreads Year in Books!

  1. Eep such a low rating average! lol! Once I finish Kingdom of Ash, it will be my longest. But at this second it’s Priory of the Orange Tree at 846 pages. My average page length though is 240 because I read a lot of comiXology Originals at like 25 pages each. lol. My most popular was The Martian (my second time reading). My average rating is 3.7. I give a LOT of 4’s. I think I give the most 3’s and 4’s so it would make sense to be 3.7! lol.

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    1. 3.7 is such a nice average! I need to start being more lenient, I hate seeing it inch up .1 every year 😂 But we’ll see if I follow through with that sentiment. I love The Martian, I need to reread it. I also didn’t know The Priory of the Orange Tree was that long?? I knew it was big, but man that’s a thick one! Congrats on all the books!!

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