My 2022 Goals

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Well. That’s the end of 2021, I guess. 2022 doesn’t feel like it should be happening yet, but here we are. And, if you hadn’t heard (I’m so sorry), Betty White just died, so. Yeah. Fuck this year.

I’m making my goals super easy this year. Ones I KNOW I can’t fail, just for once. We’ll amp up the difficulty in 2023 (ew) or something. This year, we’re taking the completable route.

Cool? Cool. Let’s go.

The Goals:

  • Read 120 books
    • Easy. So easy, I can probably do it without even paying attention to what I’m reading. I’ll most likely end up bumping that up once I hit it, but we’ll get there when we get there.
  • 50 TBR books
    • Like usual, I want to read at least SOME of the books off my TBR shelf. I have to whittle it down somehow! 22 of those, at least, will be from my 22 in 2022 list, so that’s almost half right there. Shouldn’t be too hard at all.
  • Read all of my 22 in 2022 books
    • Also easy. Some of them are on the larger side, but I’m always hyped to read the random books I’ve pulled for this yearly challenge, so I’ll get this one done with no problems.
  • Do something I’ve been meaning to do but keep putting off
    • Incredibly open-ended, but it might just motivate me to do something. What that’ll be is anyone’s guess. We’ll find out together at the end of next year.

Aaaaaand that’s that! Not much to say on the matter this time, since they’re almost all goals I’ve completed before.

Thanks for reading!

(And RIP to Betty White. An absolute icon, we’ll miss you so much.)

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