Gunner’s Apprentice by Brent Weeks | Review

This review is spoiler-free!

Gunner’s Apprentice by Brent Weeks
Series: Lightbringer #2.5 (debatable)
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy
Release Date: July 18th 2014 by Orbit
Format: ebook, 40 pages
Rating: ★★★★☆
Find it here: Goodreads

I’m… not entirely sure how I’m going to get through this review without spoilers, but here goes nothing. This is going to be on the shorter side because of that, though, so fair warning there.

I read this story after finishing the second book in the Lightbringer series, and I’m not entirely sure that was the correct way to go about it. As of writing this, I haven’t read the third book yet, but I was looking through what other people were saying about where this story should have sat, and the general consensus seems to be that I should have read it after book three, or four if I wanted less of a jarring experience? Some say after two was best, but there are others saying it hits harder if read after three?

I don’t know. I was confused. I’m still confused. All I really know is that this story had me screaming for a hot second.

Not aloud. I was sitting in a waiting room for an eye exam when I finished it, but boy did I want to. I was screaming in my head like crazy. Weeks is a diabolical author, and I kind of absolutely love it.

Gunner’s Apprentice is basically a short story completely in Kip’s POV as he tries to save Liv from a certain demise. No, it does not end quite how you’re probably expecting it to be, considering where it supposedly sits in the story’s timeline. Is that a spoiler? I wasn’t explicit. I don’t know.

Just. If you read it, you absolutely must read the author’s notes at the end. I almost didn’t because I was so blindsided by the story itself, but you really do have to, or you’ll walk away with the wrong idea about it. Trust me.

All the kudos to Weeks for writing the story, though. The fact I wasn’t expecting it at all made it all the better. I like the way he operates.

I wish more authors operated like that, honestly. Would make for more interesting twists.

Thanks for reading!

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