So I Got My First Kindle and I’ve Seen the Light

I know. I’m incredibly late to the party. I’m also incredibly stubborn.

Why has it taken me so long to bite the bullet and get an e-reader, despite always begrudging the size of my phone screen when reading Libby books? Exactly that. I use my phone to read and never considered myself in need of an e-reader. I had my phone! Yeah, the screen was small and it killed my battery (which has been in need of repair for about four years now, oops), and I was constantly complaining about hand cramps because of how long I would have my phone in front of my face, but it worked! And I already owned it, why put out the money for a Kindle or Nook or whatnot?

(I’m not ACTUALLY reading A Lady for a Duke by Alexis Hall yet, but it’s my most anticipated read from my library loans, so I couldn’t not choose it for the pic.)

Well. I caved. And the ONLY reason I caved was because I was perusing (thank you Safiya of YouTube) and saw they had a Kindle Paperwhite 2 in good condition for $9. After both my mom and sister raving about their Kindles literally a couple days prior, I couldn’t say no. So I didn’t.

And now I’m cursing past me for all the stubbornness over this, because I love this thing. It’s a little slow, especially compared to my phone, and there are like two pixels missing (which I don’t even notice unless I’m reading in the dark, and even then I block them out pretty easily) but I’m reading a book and ONLY reading a book! Who cares if it’s slow! I read so much more simply because I’m not distracted by a notification coming in!

(It’s also the perfect size for my mass-market-paperback-obsessed ass, so I’m actually finding myself wanting to read something on my Kindle instead of the physical version, which wasn’t the usual for me previously.)

Yeah. I love the damn thing, and whenever it decides to croak, I’ll absolutely be picking up a new one. Consider me converted. No more phone reading for me!

If there are any time-travelers out there, do me a solid and tell past me she’s missing out. I’m gonna go download more books now.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “So I Got My First Kindle and I’ve Seen the Light

  1. You are too funny! I’ve been on the Kindle train since day one but I do usually just read on my phone. Once my Kindle filled up, I gave up on it. lol. It was too much work to remove books to make room for more. Because it was my default location in the beginning. I read on my phone and my iPad Mini, which I just use for Kindle and Goodreads anyhow since I don’t have an iPhone so it’s not all synced and such. And the iOS Goodreads app is so much better than the Android one. Ugh. I do have to read A Lady for a Duke. I got the audio ARC and couldn’t stand the narrator so I put it aside.

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