My 2022 Goodreads Year in Books!

Welcome to that time of the year where I completely expose myself and my reading year, and then compare it to the year before! I won’t sit here and write out a long exposition just to keep putting it off, we’ll just get right into it.

Looks like I read 8 books more this year, but around 5k less pages, and I know exactly why, because I was bemoaning it in last year’s post.


I’ll be honest, I actually completely forgot I read the Lightbringer series this year. The audiobooks still stand as some awesome audiobooks, though, to the point where GraphicAudio has absolutely spoiled me for audiobooks. I hope they come out with more.

Unsurprisingly, a short letter from the Iron Fey series is my shortest “book”, considering it’s literally just an image with a letter on it. I’m surprised at the average length, though. It’s less than last year, but I read so many novellas this year that I thought it would be even shorter.

Also not surprising! I knew Twilight would skew some of my results. I wish it would tell me what other books were the most popular. The least popular is one I didn’t even remember buying, SO.


I have no excuse. I’m a bitter rater, what can I say. ONE of these days it’ll be higher, I just know it!

It’s just… not this day!

Sigh. I’ll show myself out.

And that was my mildly embarrassing Goodreads year! Here’s to another!

… I’m gonna go make a list of books I love and try to make myself read them. Or something.

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “My 2022 Goodreads Year in Books!

  1. Don’t feel bad about your low ratings, it’s entirely your opinion! If you didn’t like them, you didn’t like them, oh well. Better luck next year! lol

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