8 Years? Wow.

8 years I’ve had this blog now. Honestly, I’m kind of super surprised I actually stuck with it this long, even if many of the months I was only posting my monthly wrap-ups. My book blogging journey has gone through a few iterations at this point, I thought for sure I’d have moved on by now, but I guess I’m here to stay at this point!

So. I started book blogging over on Tumblr in 2010 (and you can still find that blog if you know where to look), then moved briefly to Blogspot (after realizing my old favorite haunt of LiveJournal was basically growing increasingly defunct. rest in peace) before deciding I liked WordPress the best. I did try for the .org life for a bit, but ultimately came crawling back, and here I am now.

I like it here, even though they keep switching up the damn post editor on me. I still don’t know how to fully use the site (and I never will), but whatever. I’m just here to ramble on about books and other things that come to mind.

Thanks for hanging around with me, regardless of how long you’ve been around! I really appreciate it!

Thanks for reading, and here’s to another year!


4 thoughts on “8 Years? Wow.

  1. Happy Anniversary! I’ve never blogged. Before Goodreads I tracked my reading with Xanga which was technically a blogging site but I just used it to track what I was reading. lol. Ok I did “blog” when I was a teenager on basically a pre-Facebook website called Kiwibox. Ohhh the shit I told complete strangers! 🤣

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    1. Thank you so much!! I’ve never heard of Xanga or Kiwibox, but I totally feel the bit about the things I’ve told complete strangers! It blows my mind how much stays on the internet now… I was so naive!

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