January 2023 TBR!

So I realized as I was writing my anniversary post that this hadn’t posted as expected and went to find out why, only to realize I had set the date for the wrong year. If you were looking for this post after I said it would come out, my bad! Here it is now!

I don’t have a lot of reading plans for this first month of the year, which is the only reason I’m giving this TBR thing a go again. I have a few I really want to get through, and then a couple I’d like to if my mood allows them. Other than that, it’ll be the usual free-for-all, and we’ll find out together what I get to!

For now, though, here are this month’s hopes:

Some fairly obvious choices if you’ve kept up with my newest posts, I decided, along with my mom and sister, to read Agatha Christie’s books in publication order this year, and that starts us off with A Mysterious Affair at Styles. I also want to read The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab for the prompt of “life” and “death” for Lala’s Buzzwordathon (see! accountability!), and The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May & June by Robin Benway for my 23 in 2023 reading list!

Following that, it’s just Dreams of Joy by Lisa See to finish up a series that I own, and When He Was Wicked by Julia Quinn to both continue on with the Bridgerton series and attempt to curb my ever-increasing need for season 3 of Bridgerton to drop.

(No, the books don’t even remotely compare to the show, so it doesn’t really work. Shocking, I know. I’m very picky about my adaptations, but I love Netflix’s Bridgerton.)

(Well. Season two. I only ever watch season one for plot points I may have forgotten. I really hate that one scene. You know the scene.)

On that note though, they better do Colin better justice than the book did. I had such high hopes when I read the book, and they all were crushed.

Anyway, before I rant about that, I’ll curb myself here and wrap the post up.

I may not have high hopes for When He Was Wicked (literally do not remember or care much for Francesca, sorry girl), but I do for Styles and Addie LaRue! On to the month!


It’s a good thing this didn’t publish, because I just found out Lala (of Buzzwordathon, linked above) is doing a buddy readathon of the Wayward Children books by Seanan McGuire, and I’ve been meaning to reread them! This is perfect!

Add them to the list!

(I really hope my copy of Lost in the Moment and Found comes on time… My post has been incredibly delayed lately.)

Thanks for reading!


13 thoughts on “January 2023 TBR!

  1. Oh I hope you like Addie! She takes some time, in my opinion. But the prose is just so decadent! I can never do a TBR hopeful just because I’m such a mood reader. My monthly TBR hopefuls would have to just be one book because that’s all I could really commit myself to, the rest would be free-for-all. lol. But I am so far focusing on my owned books for an IG Shrink the Shelf challenge. I’ve done a Mount TBR challenge on Goodreads for few years but failed pretty spectacularly last year so this IG challenge is a good new motivator. I like that you kept your TBR small, for you own free-for-all tendencies!

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      1. She mentioned it in her 2023 goals video! I can’t remember if she said there was another announcement (and I definitely missed it if there was one), but I assume there’ll be another one as it gets closer. I’m super excited for it.

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      2. I watched that video but I guess I just wasn’t paying close enough attention. I only read the first book last year so I’m looking forward to continuing on in the series. I hope I can actually participate.

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