March 2023 TBR

So far so good on these, so here’s another!

A very short TBR this month! I couldn’t really figure out what I was feeling when I looked through my books, so March will probably be a lot of on-the-spot mood reading. For the TBR, I went with the books I planned to read for the month for the challenges I’ve set for myself.

The Hostage will be for my 23 in 2023 challenge, Secret Society is for Lala’s Buzzwordathon challenge of “secret”, and The Man in the Brown Suit is for the Agatha Christie readathon I’m doing with my mom and sister.

And that’s that! Not much of a post, but if I want to keep tabs on myself, I’m gonna have to keep up with them. Next month I’ll hopefully have more of an idea of what I want, but we’ll see!

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “March 2023 TBR

    1. A mood! I’m trying SO HARD not to ditch my self-made TBRs like I always do in the past, but it’s only March and I’m already like “… eh, if I HAVE to. But I don’t really wanna.” I’m already eyeing up a bunch of books I don’t even own on my Libby app because they look cool 😂😭

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