So. I Bought A Gumball Machine… For My Books.

Yeah. You heard me. Thanks, TikTok.

(No but actually, I’m SUPER excited about this!)

First, let’s pop in the TikTok video I slapped together to show off my new baby (minus decorations, those are still in the mail):


just another adult purchase to get myself to read more of my physical TBR πŸ˜„ shoutout to @residual_sizzle for the gumball machine idea and @katelynreadsbooks7 for the origami star idea! #booktok #books #tbr #tbrmachine #tbrvendingmachine #tbrgumballmachine #tbrjar

♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

I haven’t actually used it yet, but I plan to as soon as I finish up my 23 in 2023 list. I know that sounds like it’ll take forever, but the urge to use it and record my journey with it has been pushing me to get through the list like nothing else has (except the year ending — that always works wonders!), and I’m actually down to… 10 books as of editing this? Less if my library hold of Redshirts comes in so I can get the sucker on my kindle and read it at 3 in the morning instead of sleeping πŸ˜€

Now, if you’ve been here a minute, you’re probably thinking, wait, you’re terrible at listening to things when you’re forcing yourself to do it. And you’re right! BUT! I’m always reading a bunch of things at once, and I often get overwhelmed by the amount of choice I have (it’s a me problem, I know), so this will be a fun way to get around that!

(Y’know. Hopefully.)

Anyway, that would be the completely unnecessary but absolutely needed (and no, I will not be taking criticism) purchase I mentioned in my last haul post. I’ll be using TikTok to keep track of my pulls and ratings of said pulls, so if you’re interested, pop on over there! I’m still looking for people to follow, too, so feel free to drop your account.

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “So. I Bought A Gumball Machine… For My Books.

  1. Of course I immediately popped over to your TikTok since I’m a TikTok addict, and I love that pink gumball machine so much!!!! I never knew they could spit out capsules with things other than gumballs in them! How fun!

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