Nova, n.

i. Writer, cat lover, space-obsessed, hoodie collector, book-sniffer.

ii. Likes cosplaying and fictional boys and might have a severe addiction to literature, but it’s all up to opinion. Probably.

iii. A Gryffindor with too many things to say and not enough time to say them all.

Welcome to my blog!

Like many kids in my generation, my parents refused to allow me to use my real name when browsing the glorious deathtrap that is the internet, and, thus, when asked by fellow Neopets users what I should be called, I referred to my username and was christened Nova. The name stuck, though the username didn’t, and here we are. I go by either, but online still scribe via Nova.

I enjoy wasting time with a good book, drinking far too much coffee than is probably necessary, and talking about my cats (Harley & Hazel) endlessly.

I find interest in a variety of things and have been exploring around with questionable results. My blog reflects my life as it goes, and will include (but is not limited to) posts about books and readathons, my makeup finds and fails, and my cosplay adventures.