January 2023 TBR!

So I realized as I was writing my anniversary post that this hadn’t posted as expected and went to find out why, only to realize I had set the date for the wrong year. If you were looking for this post after I said it would come out, my bad! Here it is now! I … More January 2023 TBR!

8 Years? Wow.

8 years I’ve had this blog now. Honestly, I’m kind of super surprised I actually stuck with it this long, even if many of the months I was only posting my monthly wrap-ups. My book blogging journey has gone through a few iterations at this point, I thought for sure I’d have moved on by … More 8 Years? Wow.

My 2023 Goals

NEW YEAR BAYBEEEEEE Whew. Whole different vibe from last year, huh? I have my moments. Anyway, we’re not going to go hard with the goals this year, but we are going to go a little harder than the year before. I feel like I can do it this time! They’re going to be reading goals … More My 2023 Goals

22 in 2022 Wrap-Up!

What a year! I honestly wasn’t expecting to actually get this list done on time, mostly due to the fact a few of the books ended up being so BORING. Others, though, weren’t terrible, and the rest got unhauled and made room for more books for me to buy! If you don’t know what this … More 22 in 2022 Wrap-Up!