8 Years? Wow.

8 years I’ve had this blog now. Honestly, I’m kind of super surprised I actually stuck with it this long, even if many of the months I was only posting my monthly wrap-ups. My book blogging journey has gone through a few iterations at this point, I thought for sure I’d have moved on by … More 8 Years? Wow.

7 Years? Wow.

(I always forget this is going to happen every year.) That went fast. It really feels like it’s been far fewer, but maybe that has to do with how little I’ve been posting over the last couple of them. I’d like to pick it back up again one day! All the same, here’s to another … More 7 Years? Wow.

My 2022 Goals

Well. That’s the end of 2021, I guess. 2022 doesn’t feel like it should be happening yet, but here we are. And, if you hadn’t heard (I’m so sorry), Betty White just died, so. Yeah. Fuck this year. I’m making my goals super easy this year. Ones I KNOW I can’t fail, just for once. … More My 2022 Goals

Six Years! (wow.)

Six years since this blog was created! I feel like it wasn’t even all that long ago I was writing up my five-year blog post, and now we’re on year six! Time is a straight up enigma and wow I hate it. But, hey! I’m still here! Even if WordPress’s interface seems to be constantly … More Six Years! (wow.)

My 2021 Goals

Here we go, guys! 2021 is on the horizon! So, my goals for 2021 are going to be HELLA easy. Like, so easy I’m a little worried I’ll finished one of them (my reading goal) much earlier than anticipated. I’ll cross that bridge when I reach it, but I learned my lesson this time. No … More My 2021 Goals

Mini Media Reviews // The End of the F***ing World (Season Two), The Witcher (Season One), Pokemon Shield

Man, been a while since I’ve done one of these! And it’s less because of media consumption (because, boy, I’ve been binging SO MANY THINGS) and more because I just wasn’t feeling the writing bug. I am now, though, so we’re going to dial it back a bit and catch up on some things I … More Mini Media Reviews // The End of the F***ing World (Season Two), The Witcher (Season One), Pokemon Shield