March 2021 Wrap-Up!

Phew. Meant to do this yesterday, but I got my first vaccine shot that afternoon and flat out didn’t want to do anything else but lay around afterwards. Really packs a punch, doesn’t it? And I hear the second shot is worse, so… something to look forward to! Can’t wait. Anyway. March! I read 8 … More March 2021 Wrap-Up!

March 2019 Wrap-Up!

I’ve decided to pause on the monthly wrap up videos for YouTube, mostly out of laziness than a want to keep off the camera (though that is usually there, I still can’t get used to it), because I’m reading so many books a month that it takes me forever to get through them each time. … More March 2019 Wrap-Up!

March 2018 Wrap-Up!

… Even though we’re already almost done with April? Oops! Oh well. Doing it anyway! I read four books in March (ouch), with slightly mixed feelings over some of them. One of them was SPECTACULAR, but the others … not so much. Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris // ★★★☆☆ Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay … More March 2018 Wrap-Up!

March 2017 Wrap-Up

Ho’ boy. I got a lot more done this month than I thought I did, despite my sudden inability to focus on post-making. I read 7 books, 3 novellas, and made 16 posts. Not bad for a single month! I know my whole year won’t be this productive, but, man, hopefully I can have one more … More March 2017 Wrap-Up

March 2015 Wrap-Up

I’m alive, I promise! I’ve just been so busy this past week (and then some) that I’ve literally had no time to myself to sit down at the computer and do anything unrelated to schoolwork. That may continue, but for the moment I have time to write up a few posts and get my butt … More March 2015 Wrap-Up