New Discovery! Writing Website! (And Comics)

Okay, maybe I’m just late to this party, since the site is actually a few years old, but they only very recently started allowing novels to be uploaded (which is how I found them — I can’t draw comics, which was their original medium showcased), soooo. That’s my excuse. Introducing: [link] What is Tapas? … More New Discovery! Writing Website! (And Comics)

Some of My NaNo Jams || Camp NaNoWriMo Update

Little bit more of a laid-back post today due to the holiday (Happy Easter to those who celebrate it! And a belated happy Passover for those who celebrate that! I’m not familiar with any other holidays that might have happened recently, so happy anything else you might celebrate!), plus it’s now halfway through the month … More Some of My NaNo Jams || Camp NaNoWriMo Update